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Dream With Me Again

"In response to the overwhelming success of 'Dream With Me', I am pleased to present to you 'Dream With me Again' which is a collection of songs that have been most requested at my concerts through the years. These great and inspiring melodies have truly stood the test of time. I appreciate your response to my music and am grateful to again have the opportunity to sing with my heart and hands." - James Oneil Miner


Tracks on Dream With Me Again

1. When I Fall In Love
2. Autumn Leaves
3. Unforgettable
4. Mask of Zorro - Theme
5. First Light
6. Don't Cry For Me Argentina
7. Laura
8. Stardust
9. Wind Beneath My Wings
10. Misty
11. Memory-Cats
12. Desperado
13. The Way We Were
14. Somewhere Out There
15. Dr. Zhivago-Lara's Theme
16. As Time Goes By

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